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  • High Capacity Transit System
    Our transit system can accommodate 50,000 people per hour, per direction via synchronous guideway. None of the existing PRT inventions offer such high capacity.
  • Non-Stop Travel
    Travel to your destination with the help of a special last-mile vehicle without stopping for others to deboard and onboard. It reduces transit time and personalizes your public transportation experience.
  • Doorstep Onboarding and Deboarding
    Get your commuter shells to pick you and drop you at your doorstep. This is unlike any other transit system ideated so far.
  • Intelligent Tracks
    Drop engine weight and improve fuel efficiency by using roads that move and intelligently arrange for the stopping and moving of the commuter shells.​
  • Accurate Merging & Switching of Commuter Shells
    Commuter shells split from the main track to stop at a station and return to the main track without disrupting the speed of other vehicles.
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