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World's first Urban Travel solution of its kind

about us

About US

Kargetu Mobility is revolutionizing the way people move around urban cities. We are developing an innovative & disruptive urban transportation system that will have automated tracks that will be lightweight and less costly. Automatic tracks will provide higher passenger-carrying capacity, private, fast & non-stop travel. Our aim is to make congestion-free cities in the world. And this technology can be used by other companies on patent licensing.

Safe & Reliable

found Safe and Reliable in safety study by a leading global safety consultant Acutech Consulting Private Limited.

Car Like Privacy

The commuter shell will be one or two-seater to provide car-like privacy.

6th Mode of transportation

It's a mode of transportation that will radically change your view of transportation as it involves passive commuter shells and moving roads.

This is NOT a PRT

Our solution totally different from the PRT concept as our tracks are smart and we can provide last-mile connectivity.

We studied 90+ inventions that didn't work

A solution that overcomes problems faced by over 90 transportation-related inventions from world history.

Continuous Moving tracks/road

We relook traffic problems from a new perspective – move the road and the vehicles move automatically – no gridlocks, no individual vehicle engines.

Shifting intelligence to road

Solve the burgeoning problem of traffic in urban cities using a failproof solution where intelligence shifts from the vehicles to the road/tracks.

Positive Feedback from IIT

Supported by positive responses from IIT Kharagpur and IIT Roorkee.
The positive response from BIAL Airport Bangalore.
Positive feedback from various safety companies.


We have filed a complete patent and PCT application.  Our work surpasses all inventions of the present time. No one else has looked at traffic problems the way we do. We are looking for discerning investors who can identify the potential and returns of this project. 

High Capacity

A powerful and revolutionary urban transportation system which provide 50,000 passenger per hour per direction PPHPD capacity.

Travel effortlessly from doorstep to doorstep 

An innovative transit system that offers a complete travel solution accounting for doorstep boarding and deboarding of passengers.

Non-Stop Travel

Commute from one place to another without having to get down and change commuter shell. People enjoy a seamless travel experience that overcomes existing hassles faced in public transport systems.

Very low infrastructure cost

Invest in a commute system that generates higher revenue with lower investment in the infrastructure.

Big Problem | Big Opportunity 

Invest in an opportunity which reforms a highly flawed transportation system through a solution that supports automation, modernization, environment-friendliness, and resource efficiency.

CARs in Museum

We dream of cities where cars belong in the museums to remind us of an obsolete transportation system that no longer meets our futuristic demands

Early failure detection system for safety

A highly safe, reliable and secure system designed to detect failures at an early stage and reinforce safety on all levels providing commuters with worry-free transportation services.


Our Team

Paras Patidar

Experienced Automation Engineer Professional

Narendra Patidar

Experienced Civil Engineer

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Our Team


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